Incorporation Review

Applications for panelist positions are now closed


On 21 November the Incorporation Study Committee forwarded its final 385 page Incorporation Study Report to the minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development. On submission of the report the committee made a recommendation that the minister should proceed with a referendum on the island to allow voters to make a determination on incorporation. The committee, having completed the task for which it was assembled, was then dissolved.

As the committee is no longer able to answer questions from the community, this website is provided by Salt Spring’s three local government representatives to answer ongoing questions on the referendum and the governance options that the community has available to it. This arrangement for dealing with ongoing queries has the approval of the ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development. 

The Incorporation Study Committee’s website contains much relevant information that can assist voters in a decision on governance choices and so will be available for community access until a referendum is conducted and the results reported. Until that time, the Incorporation Study Committee’s website will be frozen.

Latest information the Salt Spring Island Incorporation Referendum can be accessed here

Questions and Answers

A contact page is provided through which islanders may ask questions about the study, the referendum and, in the event of the island voting for incorporation, the steps leading to elections for a mayor and council. These questions will be compiled into a database of FAQs which is available here

Where appropriate the elected officials will refer questions to other agencies. Accordingly, providing answers may take a few days. However, all questions will be answered in due course. 

Moderated panel discussions

In May 2016 the elected officials announced in a press release that, in the event that Minister Fassbender authorizes a referendum, debates would be convened as a means to provide the community with informed, civil discourse on the benefits or disadvantages of the available forms of governance. Those debates are currently being planned and a formal request has been made of the ministry of Community Sport and Cultural Development to fund them. We will post more information on this subject as soon as it becomes available. 

Now that the referendum has been authorized, those debates are now being planned. See this post for further details.